Friday, 20 June 2014

Catch up

The last few weeks have been so busy and sentimental but I still managed a few photos. All clothes have been thrifted and my collection is growing fast. So good I'm going for holidays and work in a small fishing village where shopping opportunities (thrifting) are next to zero! 

Here is a few photos I want to share with you. First a walk in the park with my mum on a Sunday morning. Before that I had escorted her to the church wearing this somehow old fashioned dress I thrifted a few months ago. It's light, comfortable and good quality fabric and construction. Maybe it needs a bit shortening!

You have enjoyed the phot of me and my mum so much so here are 2 more photos of us. She definitely has style of her own and she has a genuine love for clothes like I do. I find that my style resembles hers and we share a love for past decades clothes.

Saying goodbyes at the airport until Christmas. I wear my thrifted stuff in a combo I find very interesting but mostly notice her stylish bag and luggage!

 I had to rescue this hand sewn dress the moment I saw it. To my eyes it has such a vintage 40s quality plus it fits like glove. It's a very special thrift find for me.

And last but not least the new member of our family, a cute kitten my middle son rescued from the streets. See. I'm not the only one rescuing in the family!

I will try to catch up with you and your adventures soon because I missed our community and I felt lonely in the sense that I am the only one I know around here that I wear  a mix of thrifted often vintage stuff and I couldn't relate to what i saw around me. I  needed my internet fix by all of you to keep me company and inspire me.

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  1. confetti, champagne!!!!!!
    you are back!!!
    and with a lot of pretty outfits including moms!! you clearly got it from her!
    please dont cut the blue dress, it will get out of balance! shoes without straps are the solution.
    bravo for rescuing the kitty - so cute!

  2. Hi Angie, it's nice to see you! And lovely to see you enjoying time with your stylish mum.
    I love the floaty blue dress, and tend to agree with Beate that it works fine at that length. The second dress looks like a late 1960s-early 1970s shape to me; the print and colours are gorgeous, and it looks so good with those sandals.
    Cute kitten! It looks very young, take care of that baby! xxx

  3. great to see you Angie! You and your mom are lovely together. And that dress you just thrifted is a beauty - I really like the dark floral. xo

  4. Hi Angie, it's nice to have you back! You and your mum look so happy together and I'm sure you had a wonderful visit. Your dresses are gorgeous. I love the blue floaty dress and think the length looks just perfect as it is. I love the mixed prints in your airport outfit, and the hand sewn dress looks 70s to me. I love the colours and your sandals too! I love dark florals and that hand sewn dress looks like something both my mum and I would have worn at different times.

  5. Hi Angie! I've missed you! Lovely to see you and your Mum! Your wardrobe has benefited from your time away:-) I love your blue floaty dress, if you want to shorten it, you could tuck it at the waist over/under a belt. That way the hem would keep its lovely floaty finish. Your little kitty is so cute, and your print mix at the airport is awesome! Tell your Mum hi from me. You can see where you get your style :-) XO

  6. I'd grab that last dress if I saw it! I like dark florals in the late summer/fall.

    I agree with Jazzy Jack!
    It looks to me like it's a very light fabric with special stitching on the hem to help it flutter. Unless you have a sewing machine that does that kind of stitching I think it would be hard to do. You might be able to take it up at the waist. Anyway, with full light skirts like that it's fine for it to be long.

  7. Gorgeous women with your own individualistic styles - bravo! I noticed your absence, and happy to see you back. :) Time with our parents is precious, and your mom is so lovely - I am glad that you had some good family times together.

    Love all the outfits here, yours and hers. I would not cut the dress - it's perfect. Pumps would look great with it. The last dress is my favorite - I just love these colors so much, I could wear them any day. :) You look awesome! I wish I see such brilliantly dressed girls like you and your mom every day just out of my window. :)