Monday, 18 March 2013

Almost flying

On the first day of Lent which is today it's a tradition to fly a kite. The whole family made one from scratch and we had fun trying to fly it. We failed but who cares. I wore yellow pants and a big smile the whole day.

The pants and silk scarf are thrifted  and I crocheted the bag. I tried to match the colors of the tunic with those of the blazer and add some color with the scarf and bag.

My bracelets and the ring are in the bag though because I had taken them out to wash the dishes ...hum.

Here is to manifest that we actually tried to fly the kite!

And now I go over At Pattie's to post for visible Monday.
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  1. Love your green bag, Angie! Have fun flying kites!

  2. Love this look, and flying a kite sounds like so much fun, Angie! Come over and post your great look at Visible Monday if you have a chance : >

  3. Flight or no, you really did a stellar job putting the prints together with the bright yellow! You must try to wear it out somewhere where more people can see it! So pretty.