Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Comfort zone

Today, I jogged for ...5 minutes. It's not a joke and I know some of you run miles. But 15 days ago I couldn't even walk without gasping. My body recovers so quickly.I still miss smoking, sometimes, but I now I'm doing the right thing. By the way, my outfit served me well. Easy going and comfortable.

* black top Besrka *jacket chinese market 2euro bought 4 years ago *black tunic Esmara *leggings bought recently for 6 euro *necklace 1euro shop *bag crocheted by me a year ago.

                                                                     Comments by me
  • I love these leggings because they are warm and  look age appropriate which was my biggest fear when I considered bying them. 
  • I crocheted the bag for my daughter last year but sometimes we share. To be honest, I'm very happy because in a coupe of years I will share many more things with her. And our wardrobes will become so much richer.
  • Strange how my leopard ring fits everything!
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  1. Yay for jogging, even for 10 minutes. I really like the tweedy jacket.

  2. The jacket goes nicely with the leggings. I wouldn't have thought about those two together but it works. It's VERY tough to quit smoking, it's good to add some jogging. It will remind you of how much healthier you are without smoking.