Friday, 21 February 2014

New vest

Building different outfits every day and trying to use most of the clothes I have can be confusing sometimes. Inspiration from the blogosphere is welcome but sometimes blocks me because I tend to focus on the things I lack.
Lately, I have come up with a new to me method. I take a piece of clothing that grabs my attention and I throw it on the clothes hanging in my closet. More times than not interesting combinations happen and I add until I have an outfit that satisfies my mood for that day.
Today, I grabbed a black lacey vest which I thrifted recently and added until I got this outfit

*shirt Mango *lacey vest thrifted *summer pereo turned to scarf *flower brooch and bag crocheted by me *pants Zara *boots old *beaded bracelets 1euro shop

  Comments by me

  • I like how the colors of the bracelets and the scarf match
  • Τhe scarf makes me look taller
  • The lacey vest might look good over dresses.


  1. I really like that idea - of throwing your vest over your other clothes to get inspired. The final result is great!

  2. I love everything, and adore your bag.