Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nice dress if I can say so

Ηaving a drink or two with your colleques is great esp if the comments about your new dress are nice. All the more if you are the one who sew the dress. Wecome my new baby

It's made from woollen vintage fabric from the 80s and the pattern is taen by a Burda magazine from 1992. It's a shift dress so the pattern is classic.

A closer look of the fabric and of the colors I chose to mix today mainy blue together with earthy tones. There was nothing I could do though about oil from the cars on the street. Pretend they are not there!
*Jacket( 4 years old) and shirt thrifted this autumn* scarf Blanko (3 years old)*shift dress sewn by me*brown leather boots (10 yes 10 years old but still going).
From the crochet front I'm busy with making a simple blanket something to relax when the going gets taugh. 
                                                                Have a quiet, easy time
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  1. That's a wonderful classic dress, Angie, that you can play with a lot. I love it that your boots are still great after ten years! xo