Thursday, 20 February 2014

I love colors

Ιt was last week that I went thrifting after maybe half a year. I was more into crocheting and sewing and not so much into outfit creation. It was a succesful outing and I got hold of several pieces to inject new enthousiasm into my already big wardrobe. What I want to say in two words is that today's outfit was planned around this colorful thrifted tshirt (that was not 2 words)

 *denim shirt Berska  *colorful tshirt thrifted *jacket chinese market * denim pants levi's 100euro *jewels between 1and 5 euro *bag fullah sugar

                                                                             My comments
  • I loved mixing this burst of color for a tshirt. I already brainstorm a couple of outfits.
  • I like how the color of the tshirt goes with the color of my jacket.
  • I desperately need a new camera for my far shots mainly. 
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