Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thrifed and sew by hand

Have you ever thrifted something just because it's hand sewn, no matter the fabric or the fit? Do the words"rescue me"sound in your head when you see something hand made in the midde of machine made garments?
The top I wear today is the perfect example. Poyester fabric and no perfect fit but  hand sewn with care and in a detailed way. Plus it was cheap(just 1euro) and the pattern is  cute with great mix possibillities.

*top hand sewn, thrifted *cardigan Zara *bead nekclace, thrifted *jeans nothing fancy(4years old and straightened by me) *bag thrifted *shoes old, cheap and unlucky choice but comfortable *brachelet local shop *earrings oh la la
Verdict: This top makes an easy remixer. With so many colors it's sure I will use it many times for new outfits.
Some other sewn tops I saved during the years....the first one is actually silk


  1. Yes, I do have an attraction to handmade items, too. I like the care that goes into them. xo

  2. You have a good eye for detail. My best buys (and bargains) are items that have the right colors. They don't have to be full outfits, a top to layer under a sweater or an accessory, those are the things that you end up wearing a lot in different combinations.