Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Being creative

Today was general strike day in Greece against austerity measures and my eldest son was a bit feverish.For the rest it was a typical warm spring day. I wore a dress I find a bit difficult to style. It's light cotton and has nice batik like pattern with 70s vibes but the upper part is very unflattering. So I have to hide it under shirts, cardigans or jackets.

Outfit details dress thrifted *shirt H&M thrifted *bag fullah sugah *leather shoes Nina Rossi*ring Stradivarious accessories* bracellet and beads 1euro shop.

I'm trying every day to give a creative twist to my outfits and I admit I have no idea what's hot right now in trends. I have a wardrobe based on thrifting and sewing from vintage 70s/90s Burda magazines. Sometimes I worry that I'm going too far from mainstream way of dressing and add a few more basic pieces to the picture.

Do you think I'm going too far? Do you feel this way sometimes? What do you do then?


  1. I love your blog! your style is wonderful, I love how creative you are and how your outfits are so vibrant and full of life! I've enjoyed your previous posts too! I haven't a clue what's in fashion at all, I just enjoy wearing what I fancy - I hope your son is feeling better x x x

  2. I think you look wonderful! You are very good at layering and print mixing (both of which are "in"). You look like you are have a great time in the Spring sunshine with your radiant smile. :o)