Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dressed in my garden

I wasn't going to waste my time. Since I saw this dress, long tank top style, I new I wanted to wear it under a shirt. Any shirt out of my collection would look good and if it didn't I would recite the mix and match mandra 'everything matches' to persuade myself.

I didn't have to, though cause I went with the safest of choices, my denim shirt. How is it possible that so few are worn by women my age in my town. Oh! never mind, they miss!

The dress is heavy cotton and was bought for just 2 euros, brand new. If I'm going to wear it under my 15 shirts it's 0,13 per wear. I can live with that!
Outfit details*dress denim &co *shirt berska *bag blog accessories *shoes new, local market for 5euro

A bit of eye candy just because the weather is good and my little girl/photographer had inspiration!

                                            Look how cute she styled her  inside the house clothes

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  1. Kelly, I love this pretty floral dress...and what a bargain! Yes, I've found a denim shirt is an essential piece to a wardrobe...even though I didn't begin wearing one until a couple of years or so ago. they go with everything! You look fabulous! xo

  2. I have a denim jacket which I wear all time but I don't have a denim shirt - I love the look of yours with this floral dress. I need to keep an eye out for one.

  3. Beautiful floral dress! Love your accessories too!

  4. The dress is really pretty and I love how you wear it with the denim shirt. I love denim shirts but they don't look right on me. When I read the title of your post I wondered if there will be one called Naked in my Garden. :-) I love that necklace. Are those buttons? I have been meaning to make a button bracelet but haven't done it yet.

  5. Good point, I'm too modest to go around naked. It would make a great title though. They are not buttons but buttons are ecxellent material for jewellery and there are some wonderful diy projects on the net.