Thursday, 24 April 2014

Eye catcher

Waiting for the freshly baked bread to cool down a bit so I can devour a piece together with olives I kept thinking what a head turner red is. I wore it today and people kept turning their heads. Instinctively, they couldn't help it.Quarantee sucess for those of you who seek attention. 

Outfit details *shirt quasimodo * skirt linen&cotton blend thrifted and shortened *cardi refashioned aka shortened by me zara*shoes cheap but comfortable

 In the blue pocket I put my mobile and headphones. I walk a lot every day and I always listen to music. Sometimes drivers make strange gestures and say something but I play music loud so I don't know!
                                                            See, my walking legs????
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  1. People turned their heads because you look great! You've got the cute/sexy/casual/confident/feminine sort of thing going, including great legs!

  2. You waited for bread to cool down, you have great discipline! red looks wonderful on you, and it's a great 'feel good colour' , I do like listening to music too, it's one of my favourite things x x x

  3. You look great in this outfit Angie, that's why it catches people's attention. Red is a great colour on you. Shoes you can walk in are very important.

  4. You look great in red, a great post , best wishes x.