Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to layer a dress

Τhe more skilled I become in layering the more clothes I find worth thrifting. I don't thrift all of them of course only a few. Take for example the dress I'm wearing, today. It's a  lightweight and shiny fabric , a bit short , a tiny idea bigger in chest and has a deep cleavage. BUT layer it and it becomes a great dress to wear the whole day long.

Take a closer look at the silk  also thrifted shirt and the cardigan  I wore to layer it.
And in the following photos you see how light the fabric is
Outfit details dress J by Jasper Conran thrifted* Silk shirt C&A thrifted *cardigan Berska *pants zara *boots palatino * crochet mittens and brooch by me.


  1. I am always impressed by great layering as I find it really difficult. Love the colours too.

  2. Hi Kelly, I love, love, LOVE your gloves! I had thoughts of crocheting a pair myself for my brother's wedding, but went with the lace due to time constraints. :o)


  3. Cute gloves and rosette you've got on Kelly. Love them.