Friday, 18 April 2014

How to wear thrift finds

A lot of the clothes that end up in thrift piles are clothes difficult to style like this sheer dress with the low cleavage and the short length which is a size bigger on the upper part. Unless they are super model material most women won't wear a dress like that. So the dress becomes donation pile resident.

But there is hope and it's called layering. Now look again at my outfit and notice how I addressed the problems because you will try to do the same or maybe similar next time.
Problem 1 and 2
Sheer fabric and short dress are no more if you wear leggings or thick tights.
Problem 3
Low cleavage is no more if you wear a shirt under it.
Problem 4
Bigger size on top is fixed with a jacket or cardigan on top of the dress.
Warning? All colors must be similar, doesn't matter the patterns.

Upon the unusual jacket allI have to say is that is full of holes and a nightmare on how to wear it. But things are not always what they look like. Trust me but this jacket can be used as a basic with the added bonus that  it adds texture to the outfit by letting what is underneath be shown. It gives depth that's why it's important the colors to be very similar.
I hope you enjoyed my style advice that I aquired only by trial and error.
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  1. Great re-fashioning, Angie! Have a fabulous weekend, xox

  2. You look fantastic! I love your layering and textural mix, I like it so much! I have never mastered it x x x

  3. You have done a great job Kelly. The soft with the biker boots is fantastic.