Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I'm expanding

My stop smoking kilos are starting to show now but I'll deal with them later on. Right now I'm only counting the blessings since I quit. One of them is that I have more free time to blog and more money to shop eh thrift I mean.

 I thrifted the black long vest  because it gives texture to my outfit as it lets what's underneath show. Today I tried to layer a shirt and a vest over my basic white tshirt. You can do the same by using two shirts. There is a huge number of shirts waiting to be thrifted out there and be worn on top of each other now that is getting warmer and a jacket is no longer  necessary.
Outfit details*shirt H&M and vest thrifted*basic t shirt M&S *pants zara* beads &bag local market

Enjoy the details and have you noticed my socks trick?
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  1. Hooray for quitting smoking! I really like your new long vest, and the sheer socks too. xox

  2. Good for you for quitting! I know it's hard but so worth it. A good friend of mine had to quite cold turkey after she suffered a heart attack and nearly died. She did put on a lot of weight after quitting but she also tends to not really care about her appearance much. It's just not something that matters to her so long as she is clean. You look good to me and still have a nice shape to your figure. I would not look at you and say oh she has let herself go!
    I love your fun outfit and the sheer socks are darling! I love the vest too; that is totally my style. I might sneak into your closet and borrow it!

  3. I am soooooooooooooooo glad you quitted smoking.
    You do look radianta and love, love everything you wear.

  4. I adore your outfits! your dress and crochet collar in the last post is gorgeous and I adore this, I like your mixture of texture and pattern, and sheer socks! how cool! and well done giving up smoking! it really is a big achievement, I admire you so much, I have tried and failed a few times x x x

  5. I like the plaid shirt under the sweater.

  6. Proud of you! Good for you ... you'll be glad you quit smoking every day of your longer life! I quit in 05, and have not regretted it. The extra weight will come off, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel!
    You are looking very sweet in your casual outfit, and your accessories really define your individual style, Cute shoes with your socks!

  7. Thank you for following me on Google Plus. I love your layering! :)

  8. Just keep on walking Angie and you will keep the weight under control - I am reading your posts in reverse order- I love that black top and you have styled it so well. I wish I could layer like you.