Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bag and dresses

Busy days and easy dresses go so good together. Yeah! I know I'm in lack of words. It happens some periods. I just feel like only documenting my outfits without any thoughts attached to them. So bare with me for a while. It's the outfits I wore the last 3 days.

All dresses and the beige jacket are thrifted. The bag is brand new though! The brand is Stradivarious and cost me 12.99 euros. For me that's a lot of money. I hope I will enjoy it! It's so summery, a classic summer bag in a style I lacked.
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  1. Great summer dresses, Angie. I really like the ruffles. See you tomorrow at Visible Monday! xo

  2. I like the handles on your new blue bag. It can go over your arm or on your shoulder.

    I think it must be fun to be in such a sunny place for the summer.

  3. cute outfits!
    like the last one most. that dress fits you perfect. and the warm colors of the print are a chic contrast with the cool turquoise bag - love such bags for summer! and the green necklace gives another dimension in the coloring.......
    know this lack of words sometimes - thank goodness there are photos :-)

  4. You have some gorgeous dress there ! best wishes ,