Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shirt time again

Ιt cooled down greatly since yesterday and a bit of rain is expected, quite unusual for this time of the year. As for me, I grabbed the chance to year my favorite shirt which high temperatures kept me from wearing.

Thanks to your support and  friendly, positive comments I have managed to be regular at posting this year and I want to share my happiness with you.
How do you decide how often to post? Is there a pattern or a reason that determines the number of times you post?

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  1. The blue gingham blouse and red striped skirt is a gorgeous combination, you look amazing, your jewellry is always so striking too, the blue ring is divine!
    I post about twice a week, sometimes once, if I don't I really,really miss it! it's a part of my life and I truly enjoy it x x x

  2. I have a black checked shirt that is turning out to be as versatile as yours! I think of you as I style it :-)
    I do a BeautyScope every day, and others as I have time. Sometimes I am prompted by interesting link ups. Loving the green necklace on the blue checks, and your gorgeous smile of course! XO JJ

  3. What a glorious colour combo! Love those green beads. x

  4. Hi Angie, I love the colour and pattern mixing in this outfit , that's a hard one to decide about how many times to post , I think if I post everyday will people get fed up of seeing my face all the time Lol and I am not the most organized woman in the world Lol , I admire bloggers that can post everyday . have a good weekend .

  5. Great colours - checks and stripes too, gorgeous!
    Everyone has a different schedule for posting - I generally do two or three a week, which seems fine for me. I struggle a bit to keep up with bloggers who post daily. xxx

  6. Lovely color and pattern combo! Good o see you in your favorite shirt :) - favorite clothes make us extra happy! Love the green beads, and your wonderful chunky ring.

    I post as I feel inspired to post - no more, no less. xxx

  7. fantastic look :)

  8. This colour combination is fantastic! I love the colour and stripes of that skirt, especially and those green beads! There is something so comforting about favourite clothes.

    I just post when I am inspired. I spend a lot of time at my computer writing, and I keep a selection of draft posts I've written which I may or may not add to and use at any time, but sometimes what I post is just something I was suddenly inspired to share that day. I tend to write a lot so I actually try not to post daily so as not to be overloading blogland and cause some sort of explosion.

  9. Love these photos Angie and great outfit.