Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lace and pearls and...straw bag

Ι felt like wearing the lace top today and I needed a bit of coverage and pearles. I checked my wardrobe and there I found both.

Thr straw bag always calls for casual sandals.

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  1. Love the jewelry, and your hair put up like this is so pretty. xo

  2. your play with dark and light here is genius!
    and yes - strawbag need summery shoes. sometimes i see it worn with booties or other wintery shoes - even with wintery outfits - very strange.....

  3. I love lace!! Your top is gorgeous, looks great in white for a nice summer outfit. I also wear lace in my current blog post, but it´s a black dress :)
    I agree with Patti.. your hair up looks wonderful :)

    have a nice day dear