Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dress as top

Do you remember how I wore my dress as a skirt a couple of posts ago? Well today I was inspired to wear my dress as a top.
With a limited wardrobe all kinds of tricks are allowed. I quite enjoy the process. The harder it gets to cook new combination, the harder I have to make my mind work for new ideas.
I have limited my new purchases to two new bags and I recycle and remix  all else.

 So get your tunics or short dresses out and start experimenting. You might end up with a nice new top as well!

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  1. Love this idea! The pattern clashing is superb and your jewellery is sublime! xxx

  2. great pattern mixing!!!!

  3. Great print on the dress/top, and a nice way to extend your limited wardrobe! xxx

  4. You are being fabulously creative and producing such amazing outfits! Vix is right, your jewellery truly is sublime x x x