Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fight with the wind

It starts giving on my nerves that I don't get new pieces to refuel my wardrobe but the beautiful landscape and the light of the sun makes up, so I have no right to complain.
 Not sure if they work together but I am unable to simply wear a dress anymore. I have to add a layer!

I got dressed to fight the wind today!

 Dresses thrifted, shirt and t shirt Marks& Spencer, bag Stradivarious and shoes Zara.
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  1. It's fun to see the weather in your photos and it's effect on you! Makes them very dynamic! I love the layered look, with the not quite matching shirt. Play, play! Have a great day in your blustery corner of the world. I feel refreshed seeing it:-) XO JJ

  2. love your pink sunnies!!
    think what a party it will be if you have access to your whole wardrobe again!!!!
    so enjoy the simple summer style for another while :-)
    and make some notes what you missed and loved for next year!

  3. Angie you look so happy in these photos. You do layering so well, love how you've styled your dresses. That bag very beautiful. xoxo

  4. You look completely adorable - you have one of the most genuine smiles! The place you live is amazingly beautiful, and so sunny (and boy it's windy!) - sure it gives an extra zing to our lives! I wish you to have a thrift shopping fix soon - I know as a fellow creative soul that we NEED one from time to time, to be in harmony with ourselves. xxx

  5. Your outfits are great! I love the way you layer and I love wearing layers too but I can't when the temps get over 24. That's just too hot for me. When you have access to more clothes again you will feel like you are in a candy store!

  6. And very good you are at layering ,both outfits are fab and your basket is gorgeous !!!