Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tiny balcony

Our tiny balcony where we rent is the set for today's photos. We frequently sit with my husband there after a hard day's work and we sip wine while talking  and planning .
The piece of cloth you see is a sheet hanging from the clothes rack! But all in all makes a great decor and I somehow feel really glamorous in this outfit.

I love those big wooden shutters, too. They shout Meditteranean style decoration.
I used it as a backdrop to show you my accessories for today.
Have a great summer weekend!
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  1. glamorous, yes! Love the hairdo.

  2. you ARE really glamorous in this outfit!!!!

  3. And you look glamorous too! Enjoy your Meditteranean Summer weekend! XO JJ

  4. The earthy tones of the dress look great with the turquoise bag - great combination! xxx

  5. I love balconies! I think they are so glamorous! and you are glamorous in your beautiful dress, your polka dot purse is so pretty too! x x x

  6. You look quite glamorous and radiant, Angie! Your dress is lovely and really suits you. I love turquoise with brown so that bag really caught my eye!