Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vintage rose

Full summer blaze and fabulous light to take some early morning photos. I'm so happy this year with helping in the office. I have found my place and I have become easy going with the customers.
                            Great hand sewn dress I thrifted a while ago. I love wearing it so much!
                        Floral pants and one of my mum's silk top, not perfect match but somehow they fit together. Actually I have memories of her wearing it when I was a teenager! it's in excellent condition!
                           I'm trying out a few new shades in make up! And I bought a new lipstick. It's called Vintage Rose. What a glorious name!
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  1. your new lippy makes a totally different look - but very beautiful!
    pretty summer pants and purple top! great that mum saved it for you! i could wear my moms clothes last time when i was 14 - she´s very petite!
    i´m happy to hear that you have a good time working in the office!
    and you grow a ponytail!!!

  2. Angie, you look beautiful! Love the flowered pants with that top and your makeup is so pretty. The background of flowers is lovely also.

  3. I love those floral pants! they are great with your Mum's top - your dress is so pretty too, it fit's you beautifully - Vintage Rose is a perfectly named lipstick and is perfect on you, you look amazing! x x x

  4. Nice pattern combination!