Sunday, 24 October 2010

The best way ever to stop shopping

Have you ever been looked down at because you don't shop till you drop or you don't have any idea of the hot brand names or bacause you beleive you don't really need anything ....because you just have everything and then more so?
If your answear is yes and it is because you keep on reading, then welcome to the wonderful world of
Remixing for me is to use the clothes I have already accumulated over the years, in all ways possible, thus coming up with virtually  hundreds of  combinations. Throw into the mix all the accessories I already have  and the number doubles.
But don't get fooled and beleive you only need  the clothes to remix. Remixing can be very artistic. It requires a multitude of skills you already have but you don't know it  yet or need  perhaps a bit of toning.
  • Organisational skills
  • Planning ahead skills
  • Basic sewing skills
  • Take good care of your clothes skills to last for long time
  • Study colors , styles and silhouettes
  • Re inventing what you already have
  • Blog skills ,as a bonus, to manifest your love and commitment to remixing
But it also requires a lot of self determination(you might travel a lonely path in your community) ,creativity , dedication to the stylistic decisions you have made in the past and above all patience for the wealth of your wardrobe to manifest.
I hope it doesn't sound too complicating bacause the high you get when remixing it really makes you feel strong satisfied and calm inside.
And when you really have a need of something new it always finds a way to come to you with very little or not at all money.
Do you remix a lot? What are the skills you have toned? How do you feel about the whole process?
I hope my clothes qualify today for Melissa's breast awareness crusade.


  1. Always! :)

    Love the belted scarf!

  2. Love this. I am trying best to remix as much as I can. You're right, it does require a bit of organization skills!

    Sidewalk Chalk

  3. Okay, I love this outfit. The scarf is beautiful, and belted like that, lovely.

    As for remixing, I love to. I have clothes that are ten years old that I still wear. My mantra is: NEVER throw anything out.

    But as for not shopping? Can't say I'm with you there. I just really love to shop. I find it very enjoyable. Especially thrift shopping; because it is like a treasure hunt.

    Though I totally love what you have to say. I think taking care of your clothes is so important. There is nothing worse than having to buy something you already owned because if fell apart.

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. Hi Kimberellie,baybe I haven't made myself that clear.I'm working on these issues myself. What I don't like is compulsive shopping. The occasional thrift find or a little bit of this or that once in a while,to spice things up is ok.I do it also.

  5. i think this is the best definition/manifesto/how to about remixing that i've ever read! brava!

    i've always been a remixer, simply because i've never had huge amounts of clothes. i think your first point 'organization' is key - the more you keep your clothes, shoes, etc. organized so you know what you have; the more you stay mindful about what you have coming up for your clothing needs; the more you keep an eye out for new inspiration and good sales - the more organized you are about all these things, the more you will get out of what you have. just a great post!!! steph