Sunday, 31 October 2010

The A line project .... The true fashion story behind A line skirt

Do you ever wish there was a cloth so easy to make and even easier to wear ? Do you ever wish to own a cloth so versatile and flattering scoring high on comfort , too? Well look no further. It's the A line skirt.
By A line I mean a fitted skirt on the hips that widens as it reaches the hem and in this way it resembles the letter A thus the name of it.
But as familiar as we are with this shape today the concept of A line silhouette didn't appear before the mid 50s.
It was then that French designer Cristian Dior introduced the simple modern A line silhouette as part of his New Look.
It was, though, in the early sixties that A line skirts or dresses  blended  well with the modern vibes of the time. A line skirts became even more popular when the first lady of the US Jackline Kennedy began to wear them. The rest is history as so many women have copied her look.
 A line skirts  appeal to me for one more reason. I'm a novice  at sewing and I need an easy pattern to ...reveal my skills. A line skirts are generous both to my body and skills .
Have you ever tried to make an A lline skirt? Do you feel exited  when you inject style in your wardrobe in such an easy way?Without breaking the bank?Do yo like to learn a bit about the clothes you wear?


  1. I would love to be able to make an A line skirt! They are so versatile.

  2. Cute! I love A Line skirts!

    KF x

  3. Great combo's with the a-line skirts. I have a couple in my closet I should try some of these on.

  4. Thank you for the history of the A-line! i had no idea.

    i only recently made my first A-line skirt and i love it so much...i can't wear straight skirts comfortably at all, they just feel too constricting on my legs. but the A-line gives you that lean line with room to move!

    your skirts look so nice...i think my favorite is the top right checked one. it's perfect with that cardi thrown over your shoulders. steph

  5. A line skirts are great! I have made an a-line skirt...and they are pretty much one of the easiest garments to sew/fit to your body.
    I totally love to inject style inmy my wardrobe in an easy/cheap way...usually when I shop everything I buy I get for a good price (I pretty much hate to buy things full price)...and if I find something I love, but it's too expensive I'll usually just make it (a great perk to sewing..haha)

  6. I did not know the story of the A line skirt. I'm so glad you shared it! I would love to make my own clothes. I don't have a sewing machine though and my skills are incredibly limited, as is my time to learn. I know, excuses, excuses. I really love your belt in the bottom left picture.