Sunday, 3 October 2010

Why I hate wearing trousers

In my 20s I had a great figure. Not that I knew, unfortunately. I thought I was sort of heavy when I only had curves . Right now , in my early 40s after 3 pregnancies and a semi successful attempt to quit smoking I know I have some extra kilos.
The real difference now is that I know how I look and I feel good most of the days about my weight and  my looks.
But  it wasn 't until recently that I realised how good skirts and dresses are on female bodies.
I'm a slow learner and I'm the first to admit but it took me 40 years to realize I look best on skirts and dresses. And all this time it was under my nose.
So I will give you 5 reasons why I love skirts and dresses and I count on you to fill in the rest 95. Let's see if we can make it to 100 soon.
1.I feel light and free from the waist down.The burdens of every day life are already enough.
2.Dresses and skirts are quite musical .They sound good.
3.My legs look their best.
4.My thighs are covered with elegance.Dresses and skirts are so forgiving.
5.When it gets really hot you have your own air conditioning system litterally under your belt.
What is your favorite reason of wearing dresses and skirts?


  1. you're so right about skirts and dresses, the only reason they don't work for me in everyday life is because of the nature of my job. 80% of my co-workers wear jeans

  2. Aww I love your pink outfit -- the pink and black look so great together!

    I agree with you on skirts and dresses -- I feel like they are much easier to wear. I love wearing them because they're so practical -- with a dress, it's just one piece and you're done dressing!

  3. I'm 41 with 3 kids and my fav reason for wearing a dress/skirt is that my 2 year old hides under mine. SO CUTE