Sunday, 10 October 2010

Purple rain

It has rained this weekend after a period of 5 months. It was a welcome rain and the song of Prince was stuck with me all day. Then I thought to myself why don't I put together a purple outfit!!!
I layered my dress with a cotton tshirt and a black cardigan(is this called double layer?) and I was pleased with the result. I think layering over or under dresses is my signature style for this fall.
It took me a while to think outside the box but when I did I maximized the combinations I could get out of the clothes I own.
And I have to thank all of you beautiful bloggers for being such an inspiration!!!


  1. I love Prince! Good ol' Purple Rain. I love the printed skirt. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  2. I love your purple outfit -- so chic!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your camera and your things that were stolen. I'm glad that you are okay, though -- eventually things can be replaced, and I'm glad that you and your family are okay. So great that you're going to continue to blog. :)