Friday, 29 October 2010

Basic instict

I love the end of October and the reason is that my husband stops with his seasonal work and we reunite again as a family. This means a lot of fight over the computer time but also long evenings playing board games or listening to music or watching movies together with the children.
It's also the time that it gets chilly  here in Greece , a welcome change from the long and hot summer.
Enough with the intro. My outfit of today is rooted around my skirt. I'm more than proud to say that I made this skirt out of vintage fabric.It's heavy print and I tried to balance it with black in shoes and belt.
I thought a shirt would make it more office appropriate. I proved right.
As for the olive green turtlneck under the shirt I have to admit it was an impulse buy but with basic layering pieces you can't go wrong. It has proved invaluable and has tied together many outfits.
I've come to beleive that these layering pieces are the back bone of my wardrobe.They keep me warm and decent , they create the background of my louder pieces to shine and they ask mimimum maintenance back.
How do you feel about your basic layering pieces?Do ever you have enough?


  1. I love layering - makes an outfit interesting!
    I love the texture of the skirt and belt!

  2. I love layering when it is chilly outside, I just don't seem to have enough pieces! I seem to be drawn to statement pieces or great patterns and I tend to forget to buy basics! I love all of your skirts, they seem like the perfect length for you. I have always loved pencil skirts, but I think I might have to try some more A-line skirts. I'm a new follower!