Sunday, 24 October 2010

Discover the automn blockbuster

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You probably never thought what is the real story behind the most worn piece of cloth autumn after autumn for hundreds of years,have you? But you all have worn a cardigan at one point or another and many of you are obsessed with it.
But what's the real story behind this autumn blockbuster?
Do you know that this feminine garment is named after a general?
Major General James Tomas Brudenell , 7th Earl of Cardigan,was an officer who served in Crimea (what we now call Ukraine ) in 1854.
He apparently had a good sense of practicallity as well as style and both his soldiers and him wore a sort of sweater coat often trimmed with fur(it was bloody cold there) or braids.
That was the very first massive appearence of the cardigan .The rest is history as cardigan made it all the way from the battlefield to the office environment of 21st century.
Along the way fishermen in the British islands were protected with it from the chiling sea winds, Harvard students won baseball games on v-neck lettered cardigans and millions of women 's bodies were flattered by the iconic twin set of the 50s.There are even rumors that coco's chanel famous jacket is but a collarless cardigan .
For the autumn blockbuster, it is , I think cardigan surely deserves to be the protagonist of a movie.
Do you ever worry about the history behind all popular elements of clothing? Is it important for you to get to know what you are wearing?

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  1. How interesting--I'd never thought about the history of the cardigan. And to think that a military man thought it up.