Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Belt the way to style

Today my camera refused to co operate. Only when I uploaded I found out that the photos were as dark as the night.I used modern technologie and that's the best I could come with. Excusez-moi. My outfit today was around my belt. It's new and I try to experiment with belts lately. I consider belts an aquired taste as they are not that easy to use but when you get hold of the concept you can have really stylish outfits...out of nothing! I just put on a shirt , a skirt and a cardigan and I beleive that the belt transformed my outfit into something stylish. What do you think? Is it just my idea or belts are great ...Transformers ? Do you use belts a lot and if not why? You want to get more info? Then study this classic post about belts byAudi over at Sal's.



  1. Belts make me very happy :) I love that you paired this outfit with a brown belt instead of black. Very chic!

    Also - I am in love with your boots!

  2. Belts really can transform an outfit! I'm learning to wear them too. Love the boots!

  3. Belts are pretty much one of my most favorite accessories!!...right behind shoes!
    The addition of a belt is often what made an outfit amazing!

  4. LOVE the belted look. And yes, I agree. Belts are magic. This outfit is awesome.

    heart: Kimberellie