Thursday, 11 November 2010

A special kind of magic Outfit #4

What kind of an outfit can be made out of a 4 year old capri, a 20 year old blouse made by my aunt, an old fashioned cardigan bought for a few euros in a local market and an impulse buy of shoes?
An outfit with personality. My personality! That's the kind of outfit you get when you remix the things you love!
Does the following happen to you? The more I remix the same clothes, the more I love them and the more I love them, the more creative I get in wearing them. Or is it just me?
If I'm allowed one style tip, this cardi is long but for today is nicely & carefully tacked under my brown belt!

capri zara, vintage blouse made by my aunt, shoes impulse buy


  1. What a great the belt and beautiful necklace:0

    Really pretty!

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  2. This is a great look on you! I love the way you've incorporated these "historic" pieces from your wardrobe into a look that's fresh and pulled together.

  3. What a great cardi!! The print if fantastic. Loving the teal colour of your blouse, the flower and the pearls. It's great seeing someone take oldies and reinvent them!

  4. Everyday I think - OMG! That's my favorite outfit! And then the next day I think - wow! she outdid herself again!! :)

    You are really good at mixing the old with the new.

  5. I think you can tell you love what your wearing by the way are smiling and the confidence exuding in your photos. Another fantastic remix :)

  6. Cute! I really, really like the mix of black, brown and blue!

  7. You are the layering professional! Very lovely, once again. I especially like the four year old capris.

  8. beautiful belt and the necklace against the color and texture of the sweater is very nice, too.

    I'm finding the challenge has me pairing things in new ways. Old pieces--new looks.

  9. Yes, this is lovely! It looks crazy on paper, but once combined these things all complement each other in whimsical, unexpected ways. Thanks for following my blog!