Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The crash test Outfit #10#

 Today a young boy at school told me that during the weekend he met a woman that looked like me .When I asked she looked like me exactly how, he replied that she wore well...(he paused to find the right word) exotic clothes.
Exotic how?I asked again.He said that she wore colors,skirts and colored tights.This innocent conversation got me thinking that  I dress outside the conventional way thus... the exotic.
But how far away have I gone down the road  of style ? Am I turning into someone funny ? Where is the thin line between personal style and turning into a weirdo? Do you ever worry about these things or is it the lack of shopping?


  1. I have a post scheduled where I talk about this exact thing. How others perceive my dress. I wore some green tights the other day and it proved to be a bit too much for some people. I decided that I don't care. I'm dressing for me and my creativity, not other people and their lack of creativity.

    It is hard though when someone says something about your clothing choices like that. I just try to remember that it's a reflection on them, not on me.

    I love your skirt today:)

  2. I wouldn't read too much into it. It's just one little boy. If anything, I would take it as a compliment that you're one of the few women who wear "colors" in your area. Do you ever watch "What Not To Wear?" Well, if you compare several episodes, you'll see that the majority of women selected for wardrobe makeovers dress in neutrals all the time and are afraid to pair up colors (for example, they think navy is a bright color and hesitate to wear it with red).

    P.S.: I can kinda see your face in that first photo! xoxo

  3. This skirt is so pretty! I love the pattern and the colors are great for this time of year :0)

  4. Yes, I do think about this. Recently, I think I've been pushing the margins in my classroom, but no one has complained. I love this young boy's observation. You'll be memorable to him.

    Nothing I've seen here is eccentric.

  5. I think exotic is a good thing :)

  6. I wouldn't put a lot of stock into what other people think. There's nothing wrong with different at all. Just be you! Love the shoes!

  7. I ADORE THAT SKIRT. It's such a beautiful print/cut! Very jealous :)

  8. "Nothing I've seen here is eccentric."

    hey!!! ; )

    it never fails to amaze me how little you have to go outside the norm for some people to notice. and there are always people who make it their business to keep other people 'in line'.

    but if how you dress works for you and makes you happy, i say that is the most important thing. that little boy most likely appreciated that you took him seriously. and he is probably interested that there are people like you who do things a little differently....that can give a child courage about ways in which they feel that they aren't 'normal'.

    it's a personal thing - how far do you want to go, what do you want to put up with in terms of other people's reactions. i've never been much at pleasing others, so i figure i may as well please myself.

    i think you look great, and you look like you take a joy in life.

  9. These shoes are fantastic! What a great remix!