Thursday, 3 May 2012

Flirting with pattern

skirt C&A    purple top hema    blaser thrifted    belt massimo dutti
I used to think that patterned skirts are so difficult to match and always avoided buying them. After excercising my eyes through lots of magazines ,blogs and after doing the necessary reading now I 'm finally ready to reveal the secret. I just pick two of the colors in the print and use them to find similarly colored tops and accessories. The nails' color counts,too.
To tell the truth I used to be a total monochromatic lady and patterns were so elusive for me and still are to a great extend. I started to introduce  pattern with scarves and I noticed how much more eye pleasant my outfits had become and after a while I introduced the classics that is strippes , polka dots and animal print and checks. When my level of comfort with the above was high only then did I add other kinds of pattern  mainly thrifted bacause I wasn't sure if I could make them part of what I already had. It's a work in progress but I hope that someday I will be able to mix pattern on pattern without looking like a clown that is.
So , spill the beans what's your flirt story with pattern? Do you have a natural flair for it or you strive to wear it?


  1. I love a patterned skirt, but I don't love pattern next to my face -- so that is my challenge! I love the way you styled this skirt, including the nail color.

  2. I've had to learn to work with patterns too and before I began blogging, I had almost no patterns in my closet...but slowly I'm becoming braver!

  3. I think it looks great on you patterns are so easy to use !!


  4. Great outfit!! Love the way you paired pattern with solid! Perfect!

  5. This skirt is the best. It looks so chic but comfy at the same time. It looks perfect for a day of teaching. Where and what do you teach? I haven't perused your About Me section yet. I'll head over there and take a look. :)