Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Multiples yes or no

white jeans thrifted & fitted   cardigan & top zara shoes stefania
Since I found these white pants I've been able to ground many outfits. Today I played with strong colors again namely orange and navy blue a combination which I find very classy. White seems to be an excellent background for strong colors. I'm happy I could put this blue navy top in use because I have it in my closet for more than two years now but never worn it as much.
It was part of a big purchase of tops in many basic colors.All in all I had bought 8 tops in all different colors and I had made a huge injection of style in my wardrobe. I have done the same with cardigans and never regreted it. Do you buy multiples and if yes under which conditions?


  1. Very classic, Angie -- white trousers are always chic! I do buy multiples of tees and camisoles in summer, when I find a brand I like. That's about it for me - I am a bit of a cheapskate : >

  2. I love the idea of multiples, but I've never actually done it. Sometimes I just don't want to spend that much money, but usually there's only one color of any particular thing that I like.

    I love that outfit. The orange color is gorgeous; the black and white are crisp and elegant; the necklaces and shoes are fabulous. Great, great look.

  3. Angie--this is a really sharp look! You would fit right in almost anywhere in the States and you should definitely use this for the EveryBody EveryWear event May 7!

  4. love this look!