Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to wear red skirt 3 ways

red skirt thrifted   vintage top mum's sewn by aunt   belt berska shoes stefania
Because I didn't post for a while ,it doesn't mean I wasn't getting dressed. On the contrary , since I scored this red skirt (finally!) this Wednesdey ,while thrifting ,I put together 3 outfits that I totally love.
Take for example this first one. Vintage top from the 80s hand sewn by my aunt. I've worn it a couple of times as a young girl in my 20s but not with as much attitude as I do today ( getting older has its good points).It so happens that the color is so hot at the moment.

red skirt thrifted   top berska
This skirt has become' the mother' of 3 of my orphan tops that collected dust in my closet. Like this wonderfully patterned top. I never really figured with what to wear it although I bought it 5 years ago for my son's birthday. I've only worn it with jeans and black bottoms but they didn't do it justice.

red skirt thrifted  top benetton  cardigan marks&spencer   belt fullah sugar
And last but not least my preppy teacher looks with a twist see color and animal print. And did I mention the skirt cost me just one euro and didn't need any altering ?It fits like a glove.
Enough raving ,tomorrow is elections day in Greece and I pray for a goverment in favor of the people.


  1. Love the 3 ways you can wear this skirt! :)

    It's a beautiful colour and fits you so well! The first outfit is my favourite :)

  2. I have to admit that the first outfit is my favorite, too.Colors look so nice both in reality and in photos.

  3. It's a versatile skirt. I'm sure my students wish I would wear looks like that last one!

  4. The skirt is a lovely colour, and you have shown how versatile it is. I think the last look is my favourite.
    Thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting, I appreciate it! xxx

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments and visiting my blog :)

    I adore that skirt! Such a perfect color!