Monday, 14 May 2012


jeans peacock   tip&cardigan zara     shoes boxer

Today's outfit is one of those that makes you wonder why you didn't put it together already. Us fashion bloggers often try to be creative and come up with unusual combinations but often forget to wear the most obvious ones.
What's easier than wearing two bright colors , a scarf that picks on them and a pair of jeans.
But I 've got to tell you I'm in the middle of making  an inventory of all the contents of my closet and then photograph and make collages of all possible combinations. We talk about a lot of work and hundreds of cotmbinations so many that I could dress myself for more than a year or maybe two.
Not all combinations are nice and some might look great on the collage but not on me. But still there are a lot of combinations sleeping in my closet that I could never put together unless I did the following

It's pretty basic cause I'm not a computer expert but you get an idea of what I do . Adding to these combinations accessories , scarves and outer wear or add a third piece and blows my mind of how much lurks in my closet.
What do you thik of the new way I found to keep me sane and happy ? Have you made an inventory of some sort? Did that help?
PS I have to give credit to vivienne for inspiring me.


  1. That's a great idea. It is pretty amazing to see all of the outfits you can put together. And it's helpful to actually *see* it too. I tell myself I have a lot of options, but I think seeing it would be best.

    Love your outfit today too - I want to try orange and green I just need the right pieces.

  2. Yes, this looks like fun (and work!), Angie. I have done similar things with Polyvore, but the clothing was never "mine", of course -- and usually it was a lot more expensive than I could afford. Love your brights today.

  3. I really love orange and green, and I like how you've tied it together with the scarf.

  4. simple and classic is sometimes the best strategy!

  5. I really need to do something like this, but it would take a lot of time and I don't know if I want to invest that much time to do it. I might try using my dress form for something similar. It is something I've had on my mind lately. I think you've inspired me to get busy and try it!
    I've been loving orange and bright green this year. My Mother just gave me a scarf with those colors in it, so I may try using that for inspiration.
    You look fab in this outfit!

  6. One thing great about blogging is that it forces us to see things in the closet we never saw before...such fun! You look great in all these colors!

  7. I have never managed to master the green + orange combo, but you're making it look so simple!

  8. I like your idea...and I think there is a site or an application somewhere on the net that allows this kind of mixing and matching, but for the life of me I can't recall the name of it.

  9. I don't have a wardrobe inventory but looking at your makes me want to have one so bad! I love the outfit you came up with today.