Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A mug and a cap

Fancy a cup of coffee in the garden? It's a rainy day and the wind is blowing hard so not exactly a good idea. Only a couple of minutes to snap some photos .
I was in a bit of theatric mood today so I pilled on accessories to give a  certain 40s mood to my outfit once again.

I'll be honest and admit that I didn't walk around town dressed exactly like you see. I wore the denim skirt and my son's sweater, the red tights and my new shoes plus my favorite cap.
For the above photos I added my crocheted mittens, made by me, the bag , the shirt dress and the coffe mug.

Taking outfit photos everyday has to be fun because if it's a drag I don't want to do it and others in the family don't want to take my photos.. So more and more lately I find mysef trying to create a certain feel with my outfits. See where this will take me.
*skirt zara *sweater Berska *shirt dress Zara *bag thrifted Fullah Sugah *cap umbo *shoes pallatino
mittens crocheted by me

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