Sunday, 16 March 2014

"Dress" my way

Today is another versatile dress day. It's hidden underneath the brown woolen sweater I wore yesterday, too. It's a light viscose dress which I wouldn't give a second glance a while ago. Actually the place I usually thrift is full of this kind of dresses from the 90s that look old fashioned unless you have an idea on how to style them.
Well, my idea is to put some kind of sweater or shirt on top and turn it into a skirt and because I have so many tops and fewer bottoms it seems I have extended my wardrobe miles, this way.
In the hot summer seasons I plan to wear this dress per se and not as part of a layering scheme.

 *dress C&A thrifted *woolen sweater M&S *scarf  and beads  and bag thrifted *belt stradivarious * boots leather and old
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    Thanks for the comment on my blog

    Thanks is such a cute outfit!
    I love the sweater!