Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pants by me

You see the pair of pants I'm wearing? Well I proudly announce that I made it mysef. I started making it 2 summers ago and I can't remember what pattern I followed. I have a suspition it's the pair I drafted mysef after watching a couple of utube videos.

The half finished project somehow disappeared until a month ago. I slowly sew all pieces together and fitted it on me a coupe of times and suddenly I had a pair of pants I sew mysef

This pair has absolutely great fit but the photos don't do it justice. I plan to wear it again soon so you get a better look of the fabric as well. The fabric is 70s vintage given to me by my aunt a proffessional seamstress.
*shirt Quasimodo *sweater Berska *Jacket leather *pants made by me *shoes pallatino *bag thrifted




  1. very cute, Angie! It's great to return to a project and finish it with flair. xo

  2. Great job on these! I agree, they are a great fit, and you did a fine job on them. Bet they'll be great this summer with a cute little tee and sandals!