Monday, 24 March 2014

Beige skirt

  I swapped this skirt back in 2010 but I've worn it very few times. I've rediscovered it about a month ago and I plan to give it a few more wears.

 It's light cotton and  nicely pleatted in a beige neutral color. I found the photos of old posts and I can see how my style has evolved.
Outfit details* jacket chinese market * shirt dress berska * skirt swapped * shoes super moda
I've done pretty basic combos in the years before and played it more safely. I've worn this skirt in summer and autumn but lately I tried it in the winter ,too (see the combo with the red sweater).
I still own everything you see in the photos except the flats and the orange t shirt.
I find today's combo more sophisticated and mature and I enoyed wearing it as I felt more myself in it.


  1. very cute and versatile skirt, Angie!

  2. Όντως έχει αλλάξει το στυλ σου!