Friday, 7 March 2014

Over 40 and going

This outfit was put together in minutes and out of necessity. It rained hence the boots. It was cold hence the woolen sweater and my hair was wet hence the hat. I had already my tights on since the morning so a skirt was the obvious missing piece. I scanned my closet and there it was folded nicely and waiting patiently for 2 long years.
It was bought from Berska on this point during sales that everything is ridiculously cheap and ridicuousy without taste. My skirt was the exeption to the rule and it made it to my closet only to be worn rarely because it's velvet and difficult to style. But all this changed today and yes I will stop raving about my skirt.

I only had to add the lace detail on the hat and punch conventional style rules for the over 40 women in the face.
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