Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The very light soft bouse was not enough to cover me against the still cold weather. So on my way out I put a cotton knit on top and the scarf I crocheted one year ago.

You don't see much of the blouse but it's still there and it's thrifted.

To stay true to my 40s infatuation when I came back from school I added a favorite headscarf. I can't begin to tell you how glamorous I felt and how much this style is me now.

 I'm very happy because I use most of the clothes I have and although I had the opportunity to visit the mall I had no desire to shop and I didn't. My hands are so full at the moment with the sewing and the thrifting * just a couple of euros every week* that I see absolutely no reason to shop. I also use some of my accessories ,as my scarves, to style me in a new way(40s) and this gives my clothes a new , fresh perspective.

I have to go now and live some real life and maybe finish the blanket I crochet.
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