Saturday, 15 March 2014

Walk in the city

A walk in the city for a few errands and a cup of coffee is a great opportunity among other things to photograph my outfits in a new, different place

What seems like a skirt is actually a dress I thrifted for 1 euro a week ago. It's nicely constructed and a good fit. I bought it for the hot summer days but I can't wait until then so I layered a woolen sweater on it, my biker boots and my leather sweater and I was ready to go. Take a closer look at the fabric

 And by the way, when I look at this big bag I aways wonder why on earth do I carry so much styff around. Then I look inside the bag determined to make the stuff less but this never happens .

*wool sweater M&S  *dress thrifted *Real leather jacket *biker boots rea mode *bag Vogue

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