Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bag pride

Today's outfit evolves around my new bag and the vintage shirt I thrifted recently. It's this subtle game of the orange details that make this outfit special to me. Is this a motorbike is approaching look on my face?
The neon orange color at the centre of the flowers is very unusual for this vintage fabric and for the very modest shape of the blouse.
*blouse and green sweater thrifted *jacket chinese market *pants zara *boots old *bag italian *crochet brooch made by a friend
I believe that neighbours have already noticed that I take my photos outside their( and mine) houses every day but they can't figure out what I'm doing. I have no idea what to answer if they ask me. You have any ideas?
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  1. Just say, "Duh! It's for my fabulous blog!" :-)

  2. I love the jacket with the bag. Orange is one of my favorite colors. I just thrifted an orange/green/pink wooly jacket. The sleeve cuff is a little frayed and I'm going to do something about that, maybe I'll take a picture!

    It must be a little chilly there, since you've got a sweater under your jacket.

    You could tell your nosey neighbors that it's for a school project.