Monday, 17 March 2014

Photos and shop

 Keeping a fashion/outfit  blog where I post almost everyday can be difficult for many reasons. My top is that it can take so much time if I let it. I have managed to post almost ever day for sometime now just because I have incorporated blogging into my everyday routine.

So everyday when I come back from school I snack, freshen up a bit and occasionally add an accessory and after that I drin cofee with my husband. That's when we take my outfit photos. I put my instant camera in continuous shooting mode and I pose. We take about 70 photos in a coupe of minutes.

 When husband is busy my daughter presses the buttons. After coffee is finished I edit the photos and I write a small text. It's the hardest part because there is a lot of interruption and comings and goings but I don't want to isolate to write a post.
Then during the weekend I check my favorite blogs and comment as much as I fancy.

Lately when I plan an errand I take the camera with me. Today's photos were taken on our way to the super market.
Outfit details* woolen skirt thrifted * shirt h&m thrifted * cardi m&s * jacket gift by mom* beret zara

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  1. I like reading about your routine, Angie - it sounds like you've made it a simple part of your life, congrats!