Friday, 15 July 2011

Husband's trousers

Despite all feminine styles out there ,  this year we raided our boyfriend's closets . Boyfriend jacket's , shirts , cardigans and trousers has been all the rage.
I though that since I don't have... a boyfriend I wouldn't be able to try the look  but then I thought I have a husband and his closet is next to mine !!!
The first vivtim were these pants . High waisted , right length and the perfect neutral color .
Today's copy cat look involves the above pants , a white shirt that was given to me by a friend she didn't know what to do with it (I was there once) and a simple t shirt (a great find considering I paid just 1 euro) .
inspiration:  jcrew


  1. ADORABLE! I have often found a better fit in mens' pants than I have in the women's department! This works! Weekend hugs to you! ~Serene

  2. I love femininizing menswear...some of my favorite looks. That's cool that you can raid his closet and get away with it! I really like the gray shirt in your inspiration photo...where is it from??

  3. I love your brogues! I wish I could invade the hubs' closet but he is 8 inches taller than me so everything would be huge :)

  4. I like how your version turned out! I've borrowed shirts and sweaters from my husband, but not pants...yet. What did he think of you stealing his trousers? :)

  5. Pam )It's jcrew.I think it's wonderful,too.
    shea )This one is not even his favorite but generaly he doesn't mind cause I borrow clothes he doesn't wear often.
    Serene)glad you do ,I thought I was the only crazy one checking for fit in men's department
    eek )you stand no chance to borrow any of your husbands clothes,that's true.However, you are allowed to go to the stores!!!

  6. I've been raiding my husband's closet--first the t-shirt, and then a chambray tuxedo skirt, and finally a pair of suit trousers that no longer fit him. He is ordinately pleased by my borrowing from him. What does your husband think about it.