Monday, 11 July 2011

Visible Monday

This is my outfit for Visible Monday an idea that occured to fellow blogger Patti a few weeks ago .The basic idea is that women over a certain age are somehow ignored as they don't exactly fit to the current standards of youth and beauty which are promoted by the media and society.
We are here every Monday to show that we do exist and that we are beautiful.
My outfit today is inspired by the simple but stylish outfit above.  In my opinion what makes my outfit visible is the strong color of my skirt and the wooden wedges that convey a 70s vibe.
Now , be visible and  go check Patti's blog not dead yet style and post your photos.

Top  : zara ( 3 years old)
Shoes : .zara ( winter sales 10 euros)
Skirt : thrifted at local market ( 1 euro ).


  1. Angie, I love this and I actually think this is my favorite of all the blue skirt looks! Hugs to you my sweet friend!!! ~Serene

  2. I love this simple look too, Angie. Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday. You are always a strong, visible woman.

  3. It's amazing how fabulous "simple" can be, isn't it? I love how the shoes and belt tie together the whole outfit and keep it grounded. Beautiful.

  4. beautiful skirt--I have never been to your part of the world, but this is the same color as I imagine the sky there. Am I right?