Friday, 8 July 2011

Patterned skirt styled in 5 different ways

Today I felt very inspired and determined to style this floral skirt in 5 different ways . I'm a strong believer that our closets are full of treasures that wait to be discovered and used.
I 've been thinking along these lines for a long time now but it was the blog jseverydayfashion that brought it all together.
So I decided to be the living proof of what she preaches and try out a few styles for my patterned skirt.
It was thrifted as a halterneck dress but soon was refashioned to a skirt . It's made in Italy and voila...
I'm proud I put what I already have in a good use and I'm really looking forward for your comments!


  1. I love these looks! I'm always looking for ways to expand my wardrobe too. With a little imagination, you can wear that skirt all year round - that's great!

  2. I like all of the looks--especially the one on the far left. I like J.'s blog too.