Saturday, 2 July 2011

Picked by her

Today's outfit is styled by my daughter ! She  picked  the shoes and the belt . She is 8 and has been quietly watching her mom all along. Today she made her move and I'm pleased with the result .
I have to admit that I try to be very careful not to give her the wrong message. I pose with modesty that is a trait of my character but also to stress I'm not modelling.
I fashion blog not out of vanity (well maybe a little) but because it's creative  , enjoyable , sociable and a good way to wind up after a hard busy day !  I hope my message is clear!!!
But I wonder how do you go about this issue ? Do your daughters watch  , get involved  or ask questions ? Are they influenced and if yes in what ways?

On today's outfit I wore the same black skirt of yesterday and an earth toned shirt I thrifted and brought to my measurements . The idea was to make it look like a safari inspired vest . ( I need your feedback on this one) . Have a nice long weekend !!!


  1. Angie, I have one daughter and one step daughter and 3 sons. My daughter used to take my pictures (she's 17). She just knows that I love style and clothes and in fact shares that with me, but doesn't have the passion for it that I do. I have found that MOST fashion bloggers are actually pretty modest and it just makes sense. We are all about the clothes and the style....baring it all just isn't stylish! BTW, I did something similar to a vest that I had and I recently too the shoulders in, kind of like your pink shirt below. I found it to be much more flattering. Your daughter did a great job! LOVE LOVE LOVE! ~Serene

  2. You look wonderful. I think it's great you include your daughter in your interests, while not promoting to her that women are just for looking at. And maybe she can pick an outfit for her dad or uncle too. : >

  3. Angie--I think the shirt as vest definitely works! I think I've seen three looks now with the gingham blouse and you are making me believe that it is an essential.

    Of course, my daughters are older. They do have opinions...but I fear that they are more influenced at their age by the culture than by my choices.

  4. Just yesterday I thought about buying a vest like this one but I changed my mind because it gets so darn hot here there is no way I would wear it and not melt.