Monday, 4 July 2011

Visible me

Is this visible enough? Can my outfit stand as a statement that I have my own personal style , you can't boss me around and you can't ignore me because of my age !!! I'm not dead yet and I have one word or two to say.

Today's post is dedicated to the Visible Monday series over at the very inspiring blog of Patti's Not dead yet style . Every Monday , we celebrate our life style and our age that is not shown or respected enough by the media but it's still here and goes around strong . And if I'm allowed a personal quote' Real life is what happens when you don't watch TV '. Suddenly life aquires a different (read better ) quality.
For today's outfit I picked a navy blue cotton t shirt and my favorite denim skirt . But not statement is made unless I wear red . That's what I do when I want to be noticed. To spice things up I accessorised with flower patterned scarf and bracellets.
Have a happy week ladies!!!


  1. You look fantastic in your bright colored jacket, and the scarf is WOW.

    Thank you for participating in V. Monday. And I love your quote about watching TV : >

  2. I love the color palette you used. I like your shoes too. The scarf picks up the colors in the shoes to really make the outfit pop!

  3. I love your denim's perfect. And I love the scarf, too! I read your mission statement. Well said. Debbie

  4. I love everything about that outfit. The color of the jacket is gorgeous, and with the scarf, Patti said it: wow! I love having bright colors (and cute shoes) set off by a more casual element like a denim skirt. Great job!

  5. I love the scarf and how it ties everything together.

  6. Oh, I love the softness of this look.