Sunday, 3 July 2011

Rolling , rolling , rolling ...

When I bought these trousers little did I know they would become my favorite for this summer . I also discovered that high waisted jeans transforn my body . Probably they work well for my proportions.
I also noticed that rolling the bottom of the trousers also works for my body shape. Now imagine how  beyond happy I felt when I found this tip .
So no more low waisted trousers for me and hopefully no hemming .
Are there things you discovered by observation and/or trial and error about your figure and clothes that flatter you?


  1. You look great! I too love high-waisted pants and skirts.

  2. The rolled-up hems look perfect on you, Angie. I love the colorful combinations you've been posting!

  3. I like the pants rolling trick too. I had several pair of Mom jeans I had considered donating to the thrift store, but after I cuffed them this way--I held onto to them. It's great to have roomy jeans.

    I'm still envious of the color of yours.

  4. I love high-waisted pants as well. I don't know how flattering they are to my shape, but they're really comfortable, so I love to wear them.

    These green pants are fabulous on them and I love them with this striped top - unexpected, but fabulous.

  5. oh! I love this outfit so much!!