Friday, 1 July 2011

On thrifting part 2

If you've read this post already you know that thrifting in Greece is not a common practice. My personal flirt  with thrifting  ,however,  started in the beggining of the 90's  when I was in my early 20's and lived in Holland.  During my 5 years stay there ,  I was introduced to the wonderful world of thrifting!

The first week I was there I visited for the first time a flee market in Amsterdam and boy ! did I find my true call. I could walk around the stalls for hours , especially the stalls with second hand clothes. It was like paradise on earth that I could put my hands on clothes I liked on such low prices.
Later , when I settled down in a smaller dutch town I discovered with another Greek friend of mine a small salvation army place where every Thursday we could go there and fill big garbage bags with clothes and pay just a small amount of money.
I can still remember the small room with a few tables full of all kinds of clothes and a lot of boxes around also ful l. We could pick and choose and then leave the place with little treasures , only to go back to our place put loud music on and while drinking coffee try the clothes and make endless combinations.

During that time , I had the chance to experiment with my style and although I changed my style a lot since then and I don't own a single thing of that period anymore , I still have this wonderful  feeling of thrifting!
For  today's outfit I chose my basic red  tank top with this basic black skirt I made yesterday out of some left over fabric. To add some interest I tied a scarf as a belt around my waist.
 I got some questions on how to make a skirt like this and my answer is... go to u tube and write  <> and choose the video that speaks to you  . It's as simple as it sounds!
My only tip would be that the wider the elastic band the better it sits on my waist , so experiment a bit with the width of the elastic band.


  1. Holland sounds like a thrifter's paradise! You look lovely in your bold color-block outfit today.

  2. The scarf/belt really pulls the outfit together!

    I love thrifting too and the thrill of a stylish bargain!

    Good job!

  3. Love how you tamed the shocking pink with jet black.

  4. Nice outfit--the scarf as a belt is one trick I've not yet tried. Making a note to myself.

  5. I'm an early 30s American in Greece, one thing i have learned about the Greeks is that they really don't like is used clothing/shoes! I have been here for 5 yrs (coming and going)... when i try and re-gift high end items like Juicy Couture/True Religion/Michael Kors… Practically like new, They always say NO! Did i mention this is a village?! My Greek husband says this is common minder.
    Long story short what the Greeks say no to my gracious Albanian maid gets…