Thursday, 14 July 2011

If there is no dress , I have to invent it!

One of the tricks a  woman with a limited budget can do to recreate looks is to simply combine tops and bottoms in the same color to create the illusion of a dress.
I put this outfit together just to prove this to myself  first of all but to also illustrate it is possible.
The line that is around the waist of the model in this particular outfit made it possible not to use a belt To  create a little black or white dress in no time , by using this approach is the most obvious alternative. If I add a belt and a cardigan on top I eliminate the risk of someone  to notice ( if anyone ever bothers) that this is not a dress.
inspiration:Tory Burch
shirt: Emilio Corali (my husband's)
skirt :made by me
shoes: old


  1. I like seeing your inspiration. Great re-creation of this look!

  2. great job! i like your outfit better, actually!

  3. I think you nailed it...this does look like a dress. I might give this a try sometime..I have never thought of this! Thanks for a great idea.

  4. I agree with two birds, I like your look better! I love the monochromatic look, it's so chic.

  5. There is something about this look that makes you seem taller--I like it!

  6. Angie, I really love this! This my be one of my favorites on you! You know how I love skirts and dresses! This is such an amazing recreation of a on! ~Serene

  7. I never would have thought to do this. It's so frickin' brilliant though. You look fabulous.